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Ken Caillat’s is best known for producing and engineering the Fleetwood Mac albums Rumours, Tusk, Mirage, Live, and The Chain Box Set, along with his daughter, Colbie Caillat's albums: Coco (2007), Breakthrough (2009), All of You (2011), and Christmas in the Sand (2012). He also worked on albums for Billy Idol, Frank Sinatra, Pat Benatar, Wilson Phillips, the Beach Boys, Herbie Hancock, David Becker and Alice Cooper, as well as with Christine McVie on her solo album.


Ken's recordings have sold over 50 million copies. His record production and engineering efforts earned him numerous Grammy nominations, including an Album of the Year Grammy and Best Engineered Album.

In 2012 Ken founded Sleeping Giant Records, so he could help other talented kids like Colbie to make a career in music. In 2013 Ken founded Sleeping Giant Entertainment to create new music for film, TV and radio, and partnered with Alcon Entertainment and ArtistMax to discover and develop new artists. In 2018 Ken Sold Sleeping Giant Entertainment to focus on ArtistMax, both a non-profit and for profit company.


Nitanee Paris, Director of A&R, is an award-winning songwriter whose work has been featured in TV, films, and commercials. Her credits include NETFLIX, MTV, VH1, BRAVO, The CW, the HALLMARK CHANNEL, and her work has been signed with multiple publishers, libraries and licensing agencies.


As a collaborator, Paris works with notable writers including Grammy-winning musicians, composers, and producers, and Songwriters Hall of Fame Inductees; as well as contestants on The Voice and Songland, and many other talented artists around the world. Her writing has earned her five Global Peace Song Awards, two Positive Music Awards, and three Grand Prize Awards and a Lennon Award in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, among many other accolades. 


As a networking mentor, Paris’ talents are in making introductions, fostering relationships, organizing events, and promoting causes. A Malibu, CA resident, Paris creates and hosts workshops and retreats, and a full slate of charitable endeavors and songwriting events. Paris has a passion for mentoring young writers and helping artists navigate the music industry by building their craft and expanding their networks. 


Bridge Gardiner has a degree in accounting and business, helping her to foster business development and growth through accurate budgeting and forecasting of revenue models. As Studio Manager and Director of Finance for a recording studio for 9 years, and Campus President at a Multimedia college for 5 years, Bridge has been instrumental in shaping the next generation of taste-makers.

Bridge is the CEO and Founder of Buddha Global Consulting LLC and COO, Co-Founder and Host of Established in 2006, Buddha Global is a global networking and business development company that focuses and consults on project management and marketing in the creative and tech industries. ArtistMax was founded in 2015 as an Artist Development Bootcamp that has evolved into a Full Service Artist Development company located within the walls of the great Revolver Recording Studio in Westlake Village.

Bridge is a published author on a variety of topics from music to medicine. She is currently the Entertainment Director and Stage Manager for Savannah Pride and has served on the board of various non-profits such as AIDS WALK, Women In Music, and her newest venture in Savannah,

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